3rd Annual SLPLF "Fight For Life" Walk/Run
March 24th, 2012

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 About the Foundation

Steven L. Pearson Leukemia Foundation
"Fight for Life"

70 S Val Vista Rd, Suite A3-131, Gilbert AZ 85296
Phone: 480-220-0380 Fax: 480-219-5488
Email: slpleukemiafoundation@gmail.com
Website: www.slplukemiafoundation.org

Mission Statement

The Steven L Pearson Leukemia Foundation strives to carry on one of Steven's last wishes; to find a cure for Leukemia so that no other families, be it a child, mother, father, brother, sister, grandparent, relative or friend, will ever have to endure what Steven and his family did. Our hope and desire is to, not only find a cure, but to bring awareness and educate all people who have yet to be touched by something so horrific. One person can make a change and a difference, Fight for Life.

Vision Statement

The Steven L Pearson Leukemia Foundation will be a place of education and awareness until a cure for Leukemia and blood related cancer's is found. We will not stop fighting or supporting the medical field and other related professions until that precious day arises where we will be needed no more. Each day is a “Fight for Life” for all the families and patients enduring this dreadful disease. Come along to be a part of a spectacular and rewarding movement...

How Foundation came to be...

Steven was diagnosed with Leukemia on November 12, 2007. He battled and battled, until January 23rd 2008, when I (his wife) was given the news that my husband's Leukemia had infiltrated into his brain and spinal fluid. While we were still hopeful that he would pull through this very intense round of chemo. That appeared to be too much for his body to handle. Although the Dr's did get him into remission, his body just couldn't take that intense round of chemo and he ascended to be with the Lord on February 17th 2008. I can remember one of the last things he said to me "if you can change the life of just one patient it will all be worth it, don't let anyone else go through this, it's horrible." That was so hard to hear and I couldn't help him. After his death I was not sure what to do, so one night, after of coarse I couldn't sleep, it came to me. About 1:19 AM it hit me; I will start a Foundation in his name, to honor his legacy and to make a difference with the patients and the families who are attacked with this dreadful disease. The one thing I want people to know is that this disease has no gender preference, age limitation, race, nor does it care whom it hits or how healthy they are. From a baby who is only a few months old, to someone who is in their 90s, this disease will never stop unless we stop it first. Please join us in this fight as we come together as a society to find a cure for this life threatening disease.

“God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change…Courage to change the things I can and Wisdom to know the difference” Amen…

Meet the Board Members:

Stephanie Pearson, Founder: Stephanie is the wife of Steven L Pearson, and the reason this amazing journey has become a reality. Her experiences during this last year have challenged even the best of personalities; it has given her a better understanding of what she has been put here on earth to do. Her passion in life now is to completely focus on helping patients and families become educated, empowered, and take this life threatening disease head on.

Her professional background before this tragedy occurred has been as a Financial Strategist, encumbering commercial and residential loans, Real Estate, property & casualty insurance along with life & health insurance. She graduated college from Mesa Community College and holds her CIC designations/bachelors in Insurance. She is currently enrolled in school to pursue herself further as a pharmacist to help further the medicines for cancer treatments.

Shannon Allred, Secretary: Shannon is the Sister in Law to Steven. She has become involved in this as she doesn't want other's to go through what her sister and brother in law did. On a professional note, she has an accounting background and has great organizational skills. She is involved extensively in her church while giving back to kids and the community. She is a pillar in her community.

Sean Nader, Board Member: Sean works as an Enrollment Counselor at The University of Phoenix in their online division.  His passion for helping people shows in his position as he is responsible for advising undergraduate and graduate students regarding admissions and degree completion requirements.  He also enrolls students for the University's graduate, as well as the undergraduate programs, in business and health care.  This requires the use of his judgment and discretion on a periodic basis. His position includes developing academic plans for degree completion based on his students professional goals and their every day lives. Sean was one of Steven's best friend's and colleagues.  This foundation aligns with his passion as well and is dear to his heart as Steven was.

Kenneth Marshall, Board Member: Ken is a mentor in the financial and corporate world. He has started many businesses from the ground up and has the knowledge and passion to help this company succeed. He takes everything to heart, with a business heart that is, when it comes to this Foundation. He is here to help this Foundation prosper and grow from the ground floor.

Oscar Correa, Board Member: Oscar is part of the National Marrow Donor Program, out of Phoenix, AZ. His mission is to get as many bone marrow donors on the list so that everyone will have a bone marrow match waiting for them when and if it is ever needed. He is a part of this foundation because of what we stand for, who we are going to help, and what we will accomplish, together. As for Oscar this foundation also hits so close to home, as his mother passed away from Leukemia as well.

Meet the Board Committee

Margie Schuette: Co-worker and friend to Steven, and currently a Manager of a Wells Fargo Bank.

Dr. Jeffrey Kirkpatrick, MD: Dr. Kirkpatrick, Medical Director of CHW Urgent Care - Gilbert, was the physician that first diagnosed Steven's leukemia.  He  offered support to Steven and his family during treatment, and is proud to serve on the Board Committee.  Dr. Kirkpatrick's family has also been touched by cancer, and he hopes that the work of the SLPLF contributes to better outcomes for all patients in the future.

Victor Corrasco: He currently works for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. He is on board to help get the awareness out and to help in any way he can.

Michael Bailey: A Co-worker and a very good friend of Steven's, he currently is working at a University as a student counselor. He pushes to help where he can offer his support for one of his best friends, Steven and his legacy that we can create in his honor.

Kyle Hufford: Co-Worker and friend to Steven. He works in the Sales industry and wants to give back to Steven and his legacy as in his words…”Steven taught him so much as his manager.” He wants to make a difference for others.

Stacy LaValle: Stacy LaValle joins us with over 8 years sales experience and is a go-getter by nature.  In May 2009, with the help of friends and the community, she organized a community yard sale and raffle for 13 year old Natalie Erwin who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.  Stacy visited over 30 businesses asking for donations to be used as raffle items - between the raffle and two day yard sale, she was proud to present the Erwin Family with over $7,000!!  She offered her support to our foundation to make a difference in the lives of leukemia patients, which we eagerly accepted.

Barbara Lucas: Barbara is the founder of Brigid’s Brigade, an organization founded 4 years ago in honor of little Brigid Wren, a leukemia survivor. Brigid’s Brigade has partnered with Be the Match by recruiting and providing volunteers for their marrow donor registration events. Barbara is a registered nurse working at Wells Fargo, assisting employees with disabilities and medical impairments in finding work accommodations. The partnership of Brigids’ Brigade with SLP Leukemia Foundation brings together two strong groups with a passion for saving lives, providing hope, supporting families battling leukemia and finding a cure.

Aubrie Vargas: She works with the National Marrow Donor Program and is a lymphoma survivor herself. She is always eager to help with whatever comes along. She is an inspiration with her energy that she brings to the table.

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